Quick Response: Augmented Reality Dance Lessons

Today’s quick post is in response to this article from Mashable on augmented reality and dance.


My first response upon reading this is “Wow, so cool!” Which, to be fair, I believe is the standard response to all augmented reality news. Even though it’s been around for a while, and is obviously on the route to becoming a technological standard of everyday life, it still has the lure of futurism that is hard to resist. I recognize that this actually isn’t a new technological leap, and in fact, it seems like pretty simple programming (relatively). But it’s still so cool!

However, I disagree with Bell’s statement that this is a new example of practicality, not novelty. It really is all novelty. At least, for this idea that is for the novices of dance, because at best the final product is an adult staring at the ground, counting to themselves. I believe it would be fun at a party, and that’s about it. No one seriously wanting to learn how to dance (even seriously as a hobby) could use this.

But, I recognize the potential for other creatives to follow this line of thinking. Can we move augmented reality to theater training? It could be used to imagine another world (when the script calls to react to a huge crowd for example) to prepare for a part. A cast could rehearse walking on the set well before the scene shop finishes building (and trust me – that is something everyone wants).

From a theater perspective, I believe augmented reality has a lot more potential than for dance, both for professionals and for students. Who I do call to get this going?


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